MULTICLIMACT Project Takes Center Stage at KEY Conference

28. Februar 2024 | News

Key Expo Rimini

Dr. Clemente Fuggini, coordinator of the MULTICLIMACT project, delivered a captivating address at the KEY Conference, focusing on enhancing resilience against climate change in the built environment. His insights illuminated the project’s pivotal role in driving sustainable innovation.

RIMINI, Italy. 28 February 2024 – At the “Built4People” event hosted by the KEY Conference, the spotlight shone brightly on initiatives aimed at transforming the built environment for a sustainable future. Among the distinguished speakers was Dr. Clemente Fuggini, the coordinator of the MULTICLIMACT project, who delivered a compelling address on enhancing resilience against climate change.

Co-chaired by Prof. Gian Marco Revel and Marco Caffi, the event delved into the Public Private Partnership of the EU Commission, “Built4People,” a pivotal initiative driving innovation and sustainability in construction. Representatives from the EU Commission convened to discuss the program’s agenda, with a specific focus on projects dedicated to urban regeneration, energy efficiency, and improving people’s well-being and safety within built environments.

Dr. Fuggini’s presentation on the MULTICLIMACT project was a highlight of the conference. He elucidated on strategies to bolster the resilience of infrastructure in the face of climate change challenges. His insights shed light on innovative approaches and technologies crucial for mitigating the impacts of environmental shifts on buildings and communities.

Building resilience in the face of climate change is not just a necessity; it’s our duty. Through initiatives like MULTICLIMACT, we’re not just constructing buildings; we’re shaping a sustainable future for generations to come.” said Dr. Fuggini.

The event featured a diverse lineup of presentations, including discussions on the opportunities presented by the Horizon Europe program, the role of the B4P partnership in revolutionizing the construction sector, and the transition from groundbreaking projects to viable market solutions.

Alessandro Lodigiani and Luigi Perrisich also contributed valuable perspectives on driving innovation forward, emphasizing the importance of collaborative networks and innovative clusters in accelerating progress within the industry. The discourse at the KEY Conference underscored the urgency of embracing sustainable practices in construction and urban development. With initiatives like MULTICLIMACT at the forefront, stakeholders are poised to usher in a new era of resilience and sustainability in the built environment, paving the way for a brighter, greener future.